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The Beaus Are Back In Town, Beaus Are back In To'OW'ooOwn!

Q: How many men does it take to make a six course meal?  A: Four, and their names are Joey, Anthony, John and Joseph.  While they work on the menu you can read about them: 

  • Joey Meicher comes from Madison, WI where his love of cooking developed from gardening with his parents and watching Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home with his brothers.    He has traveled to Italy where he learned how to shepherd sheep with a couple of sticks and went on evening hikes through the forest with 60 goats and two dogs who only spoke Italian. He has also traveled to Thailand where he once ate 16 bowls of Thai boat noodle soup in one sitting. He dreams of winning a blue ribbon at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair for a tomato grown in his garden.
  • Anthony (Tony) Chavez and Live Great Food Catering:   Over the past decade Live Great Food Catering has worked to establish and refine it's craft to a point of personal philosophy. As Executive Chef & Owner, Anthony Chavez started with the simple mission of better understanding food. As a young man, Anthony spent years in North Carolina working at highly decorated Restaurants such as The Fearrington House Restaurant (Pittsburg) and Herons, The Umstead Hotel & Spa (Cary) under the tutelage of "modernized", highly accoladed,  southern chefs. Here in Wisconsin Anthony took his first Executive Chef position at a small luxury resort hidden in the trees of the north woods. This is where the idea of "farm to table" would lay root; this is also the place that made him a Father. 

    In 2012, Anthony left the kitchen, lured by a butcher shop. After spending years working to define his own foods, ideas & conviction, butchering came naturally. Anthony quickly learned the anatomy of the Great American Bison; along with the rest of the farm herd. The world of butchery became something of a rabbit hole, offering a never ending source of education from history and biology to the anatomy of their livestock, 

    The butcher shops brought a new freedom in the day to day, there was time for practice and repetition in craft. Anthony worked to fine tune his pastas in the evenings, exuberantly reliving how he learned to roll gnocchi while teaching his four little ones. Pasta is old world tradition and craftsmanship with love in the history of noodles. It is through our craft we look to highlight our local community of butchers, artisans, farmers, gardeners and producers. Through Live Great Food, Anthony cooks as a minimalist with an attention to detail and an acute knack for showcasing the capacity of his ingredients. 

  • My name is John Bender and I'm a EC native. I graduated from North High School in 2002 and graduated from CVTC with an Applied Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. I've worked in many great areas of the beautiful Midwest such as Canoe Bay Relais Chateau in Chetek, WI, The Chambers by Jean Georges Vongerichten in Minneapolis, MN, and am currently working on opening my own restaurant here in Eau Claire. I love the bond between food and people which makes me a believer in true technique and honest flavor.
  • Being a resident of Eau Claire for 12 years as well as being born and raised just south in Osseo, it has been an incredible experience to watch Eau Claire become what it is today, especially the food scene. Having access to some amazing farmers in the area, getting to work with incredibly talented chefs, and having a community that cares about what they eat and where it's sourced makes the unpredictable, often exhausting nature of the restaurant industry something that I cannot wait to get out of bed and do every day. I consider myself very lucky to be where I am and to have learned from everyone I have, and will meet during this journey. (Joseph Sieg)