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Whole Animal Butchery : Pork Primals

In this class we will focus on Breaking Down a Heritage Hog and the benefits of utilizing the whole animal from head to tail. 

We will identify the USDA Standard Primals that you might be familiar with, as well as identify where on the animal your favorite Steaks & Roasts come from and hopefully introduce you to some “Butcher’s Cuts” that you’ve never heard of. 

This 3 hour class is aiming to reintroduce people to their food & understanding the quality gained from working with local farmers and healthy animals. We will be joined by our friend & mentor Kevin Olson, Owner and Craftsman behind A Butchery Shoppe in Spring Valley WI. We will discuss modern day perception of a traditional “Old World” practice. Our hog will be a Heritage Bred Mangalista, Pasture Raised on Chickadee Hills Homestead in Spooner WI by Sherry & her husband Matt. We are aiming to close the gaps between the farmer and the dinner table. In knowing your Farmer, Your Butcher & Your Animal; there inevitably comes a profound respect and appreciation for your food. Whether you’re looking to learn how to fill your freezer or get a handle on your food costs; this class will start you off on the right track. 

Lunch will be provided. Cost is $75 and tickets can be purchased here:

Items to Bring;
Notebook & Pen or Pencil

Whole Animal Butchery
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