Midwest Feminists Presents: Me Too Benefit

Elle and Serena, founders of Midwest Feminists.  Photo credit: Luong Huynh

Elle and Serena, founders of Midwest Feminists.  Photo credit: Luong Huynh

Forage EC was the site of an amazing benefit organized by the even more amayyyyyzing powerhouse ladies of Midwest Feminists + friends. Proceeds (an impressive amount) were donated to the Family Resource Center in Chippewa Falls. The Family Support Center "empowers all individuals, families and communities to live free from domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and interpersonal violence through education, prevention and intervention."  Here's the link to the Volume One story about the evening: (copy+paste)


Full house, happy house. Committed!  Photo credit: Luong Huynh

Full house, happy house. Committed!  Photo credit: Luong Huynh

First Taste Culinary Crawl


We had a blast at the first ever culinary crawl to kick off Restaurant Week in the Chippewa Valley! Forage + the entire 2nd floor of Building 13 was bathed in colorful lights, and the participants were bathed in sweat on the unseasonably warm (fall?) evening. But the heat didn't seem to quench anyone's appetite as ten restaurants dished out food samples to the more than 350 ticket holders. Forty restaurants are offering special menus and foodie events this week so get out of the house and support our local food scene.  Check out this video of the crawl and let us know if you'd like this to become a yearly event!  

Volume One video of First Taste Culinary Crawl:


Here's a link to a Leader Telegram Sunday story featuring First Taste, Forage, and CVTC


Here's a link from TV-13 with live remote and more:


New Owners

On July 1 we became the new owners of Forage EC! Chef Michelle, on the right, has worked in kitchens for two decades and was head chef at at a Wisconsin brew pub for 11 years . Kristen is a home cook who has had a lifelong interest in all things food - even grocery shopping.  We're partners, lady bosses, foodies and friends.

We love being part of the Banbury Place community in the old Uniroyal Tire Factory. This factory, which in 1917 began as the Gillette Safety Tire Co., supported generations of families with good paying union jobs. Entire neighborhoods were filled with families who depended upon the factory.  One hundred years have passed and the factory jobs are gone, but the importance of community remains. From this this kitchen-within-a-factory we envision creating a community that bonds around the important work of nourishing body and soul.  

Check out our classes, then send us suggestions for other classes. Do you have a special dish that your friends always beg you to make? Come to our kitchen and teach others how to make it! If you're celebrating a wedding, graduation, retirement or any other landmark event, consider using our event space. We can create a menu (and pair wine and beer) for any occasion but we also allow other caterers to use our kitchen - or you may bring your own food for your private event.  Our intimate and versatile space is perfect for a concert, poetry slam, book signing or drag show.  

We look forward to celebrating food with you ~ Kristen and Michelle