First Taste Culinary Crawl


We had a blast at the first ever culinary crawl to kick off Restaurant Week in the Chippewa Valley! Forage + the entire 2nd floor of Building 13 was bathed in colorful lights, and the participants were bathed in sweat on the unseasonably warm (fall?) evening. But the heat didn't seem to quench anyone's appetite as ten restaurants dished out food samples to the more than 350 ticket holders. Forty restaurants are offering special menus and foodie events this week so get out of the house and support our local food scene.  Check out this video of the crawl and let us know if you'd like this to become a yearly event!  

Volume One video of First Taste Culinary Crawl:

Here's a link to a Leader Telegram Sunday story featuring First Taste, Forage, and CVTC

Here's a link from TV-13 with live remote and more:

Kristen Dexter

Forage EC, LLC, Galloway Street, Waynesville, NC, 28786